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PVC profiles for ceiling knowledge

posted Apr 28, 2012, 5:38 AM by xing xin   [ updated Apr 28, 2012, 5:50 AM ]
PVC profiles for ceiling knowledge 

Profiles the characteristics of ceiling 1.PVC
PVC ceiling profiles developed in recent years, new ceiling decorative material. It is PVC as raw material, processed as a high profile I-type, with light weight, easy installation, waterproof, moisture, insects and the main characteristics of the color patterns on its surface are many changes, and pollution-resistant, good cleaning, there are noise , (TodayHot) the good performance of insulation, especially the new technology into the fire-retardant materials, so that it can from the fire, the use of more security. Its low cost, good decorative effect, the ceiling decoration materials in the family occupies an important position as the bathroom, kitchen, washing UNITA, the balcony ceiling, such as the dominant material.

Ceiling classification 2.PVC Profile

PVC ceiling in the middle section for the empty honeycomb, closed on both sides of the plate, there are processing enterprises forming convex mouth and stick. The surface is decorated with color and patterns are patterns like Mulan and a variety of patterns, such as imitation Marble, you can purchase in accordance with design requirements. (HotTag)

Ceiling 3.PVC Quality profiles

Purchasing PVC profiles ceiling, we would like to ask dealers and product quality inspection report of certification testing. Visual appearance of the quality of board surface should be smooth and crack-free, no bump, and Maiga I work rate should be complete, to Assembly and Disassembly smooth, shiny surface, no scratches; hand percussion crisp sound board for the bending plate are greater flexibility. Check the test reports, performance indicators should be met: shrinking rate of less than 0.3%, oxygen index greater than 35%, softening temperature above 80 degrees Celsius, burning more than 300 degrees Celsius, less than 15% water absorption, moisture absorption rate of less than 4% , stem-like bending strength greater than 500 MPa.

Profile 4.PVC ceiling installation

PVC profile ceiling installation method is very simple. First of all, the pop-up height in the wall line, the wall pressure at the two ends of the fixed lines with fixed with a solid wall. The actual size of the roof plate in accordance with the CD, it will be pressure to insert plate, the slab outside the mouth of the enterprises, after the correct installation and use a nail fixed to live, and then insert a second board. The last piece of plate should be cut according to the actual size, the use of sharp cutting blade, steel ruler and hold the shells with cut-line CD, then put into a little bending at the plate can be inserted into the mouth level, the pressure on both sides of Bahrain be sealed after . Case when the caisson ceiling should be fixed under pressure, the yin and yang angle to connect with layering. Attention to the lighting line reserved for export. Ceiling area should be in the middle of the laying of the keel.

The price ceiling 5.PVC profile analysis

PVC ceiling profile ceiling is a very economy materials, plate prices of around 50 yuan per square meter, high-quality brand of slightly higher prices, higher than about 10% of the general profile of -30%. PVC profiles and lower installation costs, auxiliary materials and labor costs per square meter is about 30 yuan. PVC ceiling profiles in the total cost of around 90 yuan per square meter, good quality and more complicated to install the environment will increase the price situation.

Ceiling 6.PVC maintenance and replacement profiles

Ceiling of the water-resistant PVC material, strong. Day-to-day use of cleaning agents can be used after cleaning, washing with water. Board vulnerable to oil pollution, cleaning brush dip cleaning agent can be used after brushing, rinse. not pay attention to lighting circuits. PVC ceiling if there is damage profiles, updating is very convenient, as long as one end of the pressure will be removed, the plate-by-block out from the layering, the replacement of damaged panels with new panels, and then re-installed, pressure can be a good pressure. Should pay attention to the new board to replace the old board to be the same color, do not have the chromatic aberration.